976nm High reliability and wide wavelength locked range diode laser 27W

The characteristics of the 976-18W High reliability and wide wavelength locked range diode laser are reflected in its name.

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The characteristics of the 976-27W High reliability and wide wavelength locked range diode laser are reflected in its name. As the pump source of fiber lasers and ultrafast lasers, wavelength-locked lasers have extremely high reliability requirements, and the wave-locking performance is the parameter data that customers are very concerned about. Each of BWT's wave-locking products is processed and produced by automated equipment, and a separate VBG coupling process is used for each chip. Therefore, the performance consistency of batch products can be guaranteed while ensuring the best wavelength locking effect; BWT's Sino-European R&D team has more than ten years of design, development and manufacturing experience in the field of wavelength-locked diode lasers. Rich experience supports us to provide customized laser solutions according to customer needs.

Main Features

Wavelength:976±0.5 Output power: 27W Fiber core diameter: 105μm Optical fiber numerical aperture:0.22 NA Feedback protection:1020nm-1200nm


Fiber laser pump source Instructions for use - Laser diode must be used according to the specifications. - Laser diode must work with good cooling. - Operation temperature ranges from 20℃ to 30℃ . - Storage temperature ranges from -20℃ to +70℃. Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces Delivery Time: 2-4weeks Payment Terms: T/T
Specifications (25°C) Symbol Unit Minimum Typical Maximum
Optical Data ( 1 ) CW OutputPower Po w 27 - -
Center Wavelength⑵ Ac nm 976±0.5
Spectral Width(FWHM) λc nm - - 0.7
Wavelength Shift with Temperature △λ nm/°C - 0.02 -
Wavelength Shift with Current △λ/△T nm/A - 0.03 -
Electrical Data Electrical-to-Optical Efficiency △λ/△A % - 48 -
Operating Current PE A - 12 13
Threshold Current Iop A - 0.9 -
Operating Voltage Ith V - 4.8 6
Slope Efficiency Vop W/A - 2.5 -
Fiber Data Core Diameter η μm - 105 -
Cladding Diameter Dcore μm - 125 -
Numeric Aperture Ddad - - 0.22 -
Fiber Length NA m - 1 -
Fiber Loose Tubing Diameter Lf mm 0.9
Minimum Bending Radius - mm 50 - -
Fiber Termination - - None
Feedback Isolation Wavelength Range - nm 1020-1200
Isolation - dB - 30 -
Others ESD Vesd V - - 500
Storage Temperature( 3 ) Tst °C -20 - 70
Lead Soldering Temp Tls °C - - 260
Lead Soldering Time t sec - - 10
Operating Case Temperature( 4 ) Top °C 20 - 30
Relative Humidity RH % 15 - 75
(1) Data measured under operation output at 27W@25°C. (2) Wavelength-Stabilized : Percentage of power in band of 974.5nm to 977.5nm ≧90%. (3) A non-condensing environment is required for operation and storage. (4) Operating temperature defined by the package case. Acceptable operating range is 20°C~30°C, but performance may vary.

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