Micro Channel Cooled Vertical Stack High power bar stacked diode laser

Low Smile Long life time

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1. According to customer needs, indium solder or gold tin solder packaging technology can be used. The product has the advantages of high reliability, long life, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, high stability, high beam quality, low smile and narrow line width. 2. The product has the characteristics of wide coverage of wavelength and power range, wavelength from 630nm to 1940nm, power coverage from watt level to continuous 250W, quasi-continuous 500W. 3. Various product packaging forms can meet the needs of different customers, such as single-bar, vertical stacked array, horizontal stacked array, two-dimensional area array and bar fiber-coupled products, etc. 4. Customers can choose fast and slow axis collimation, VBG lock wavelength, BTS beam conversion, beam combination, spot homogenization, overall laser head design, etc. The product has the advantages of low divergence angle and high directivity.

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Low Smile Long life time


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Instructions for use

Laser diode must be used according to the specifications. Laser diode must work with good cooling. Operation temperature ranges from 20℃ to 30℃ . Storage temperature ranges from 0℃ to +55℃. PRODUCT PARAMETERS
Specifications (25°C) Unit E2Y-808.3-600C- 1x6 E2Y-808.3-3000Q-1x6 E2Y-940.3-3000Q-1x6
Optical Data(1) Working Mode - cw QCW QCW
Central Wavelength nm 808±3 808±3 940 ±3
Output Power Per Bar W/bar 100 500 500
Bar Numbers pcs 1~6 1~6 1~6
Bandwidth(FWHM) nm <5 <5 <5
   Electrical Data Fast Axis Divergence (95% power) deg 60-70° 60-70° 60-70°
Fast Axis Divergence with FAC (90% power) mrad ≤8mrad ≤8mrad ≤8mrad
Slow Axis Divergence (95% power) deg 8-12° 8-12° 8-12°
Threshold Current A ≤20 ≤40 ≤40
Operating Current A ≤110 ≤480 ≤480
Operating Voltage V/bar ≤2 ≤2 ≤2
Frequency HZ / 200-1000 200-1000
Duty Cycle % / ≤10% ≤10%
Slope W/A ≥6.6 ≥6.6 ≥6.6
Efficiency % ≥50 ≥50 ≥50
Others Cooling Water Temperature(2) °C 25 25 25
Storage Temperature (3) °C 0-55 0-55 0-55
Pressure bar <5 <5 <5
Flow Rate L/min/bar <0.33 <0.33 <0.33
Cooling Water Specification Deionized water 2.5±0.5|iS/cm,pH-value 5.5-8,filter^5pm
(1) Data measured under operation at nominal output power @25°C. (2) Operating temperature defined by the package case. Acceptable operating range is 20°C~30°C,but performance may vary. (3) The data above are for reference only. For specific data, please refer to the delivery package data.

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